4.3″ TFT Display / Gateway Unit Black

OceanLink 4.3″ TFT and NMEA 2000 Gateway is an ideal solution for both power and sailing boats. For power boats, the Display can show navigation and engine data for up to 4 engines, and convert traditional analog signals from gas or diesel engines. For sail boats, sail specific screens can be selected to show wind speed, wind angle and apparent wind, while the gateway feature can display an older analog auxillary engine’s data.

    • Optically bonded display
    • 480 x272 display
    • 2x 0-400Ω analog inputs
    • 2x 4-20mA inputs
    • 1x Frequency input
    • 1x J1939 input
    • Supports 16 satelitte OceanLink gauges
    • LEN=2



Additional Information

Catalog # A2C1352150001
Diameter (Metric) 100mm
Input Type CAN
Connection NMEA 2000 + Molex 150 + VDO Easy Link
Mounting Hardware Included
Voltage 12-32V




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