Quick HSI inverters are devices which convert direct current (12 or 24V) in alternate current (230/240 V – 50/60 Hz), allowing the use onboard of any electrical device which is supplied by mains tension, such as DVD player, hair-dryer or microwave oven. Quick HSI inverters, designed to provide the highest efficiency, are supplied with advanced communication functions which allow to monitor the power consumption of the connected devices.


  • Pure sine wave
  • High efficiency
  • Small dimension and light weight due to high frequency switching conversion
  • Full output power operating at high ambient temperature
  • High output peak power (200% of nominal value for 1s)
  • Low power mode (LPM) to save batteries in case of no load condition
  • Configurable output voltage and frequency (by CAN bus interface)
  • AC bypass mode with external AC input (Only in models up to 1600VA)
  • Parallel operation mode (only for HSI1220, HSI2420, HSI2425, HSI2430 models)
  • CAN bus interface for control and monitoring functions
  • Variable speed for the cooling fans
  • Friendly user interface
  • Reverse Polarity (by fuse), Short circuit, overloading, output overvoltage and overheating protection.

Technical data

Model HSI 1216
Output voltage (1) 230/240 Vac
Output frequency (2) 50/60 Hz
Input voltage (3) 9-16 Vdc
Output power for 30’ at 40°C (4) 1600 VA
Continuous power at 40°C (4) 1280 VA
Peak load for 1” (4) 3200 VA
Dimensions  W x H x D – inch 170 x 282 x 80 mm
6″11/16 x 11″7/64 x 3″9/64

(1)  Output voltage can be configured by CAN bus interface at 100, 110, 115, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240 Vac. The maximum nominal power is declared at 230Vac and proportionally decreases with lower output voltage. 

(2) Output frequency can be configured by CAN bus interface at 50Hz or 60Hz. 

(3) In 12V models the device enters in derating mode for input voltage over 15V or below 11V. In 24V models the device enters in derating mode for input voltage over 30V or below 22V. 

(4) At output voltage of 230Vac.

2D draws

HSI 1216

Dimensions in mm (pollici)


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