The new SBC NRG+ battery chargers are more compact and equipped with connectors which make their connection easy and practical. Thanks to their efficiency (up to 92%), they are capable of offering a much lower consumption, a lower heat emission and a greater system’s reliability.

Safety classification EN 60335-2-29 
EMC Class
 EN 55022/A


  • Three stage IUoU battery charging.
  • High efficiency.
  • Multiple outputs in order to charge more groups of batteries (Electronic mosfet charge separator inside).
  • Differentiated charging for open or sealed liquid electrolite, gel,  AGM, Optima®, Li-Ion. batteries.
  • Integrated output fuses inside the battery charger (for each output).
  • Capacity of supplying full power with low AC network supply voltage.
  • Low residual fluctuation on output.
  • Universal AC supply input (HR models escluded).
  • Power factor (cos ?) equal to 1.
  • Compatible with the generators.
  • Can work in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • Variable speed for the cooling fan.
  • User interface via LEDs that signal the status, errors and the output current.
  • Automatic and manual power derating (via CAN bus).
  • CAN bus interface for data transfer.
  • Possibility to connect up to three battery chargers of the same model in parallel, by means of digital control, for current sharing.
  • Charge is compensated according to the temperature of the batteries (1 sensor supplied; more sensors optional).
  • Thermal battery protection (with optional sensors).
  • Short circuit, overloading, output overvoltage and overheating protection


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